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Pooper Scooper Service

Friendly Staff

You got the doo, we got the crew. Sign up today. Never again will you have to stress about your dogs mess. Our fun and friendly staff is ready to make your life one dirty chore simpler.

Less Stress

No longer will you have to clean up after your dogs because we will do it for you. So enjoy your cook outs and plan your pool parties because our weekly service will have you worry free about your dog's mess. We are here to keep your yard clear.

No Bad Smells

We also dispose of the waste ourselves and not in your personal dumpster. Some scooper companies only collect it and leave it for you to dispose of yourself, but not Tyler's Scooper Service! Once we collect the waste, you won't see it or smell it again!

No Contracts!

No need to worry about commitment with us! We know that nobody likes to be locked into a contract and that's why with Tyler's Scooper Service there are no contracts so you can cancel anytime!

Quality Service

Not all scooper companies are the same and at Tyler's Scooped Service we pride ourselves on providing top-notch service at low rates. We ``Doo`` dog waste clean up and removal right!

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How Our Service Works

Once each week a Pooper Scooper Technician will come to your house, enter the area to be cleaned and will scoop up all the dog waste present and leave, securing any gates we opened or leaving them as they were found.

The day your yard is serviced all depends on your location.

Paying for your service is easy and hassle-free. It’s easy to get set up and once you’ve started paying you will automatically be billed at the same time each month.

Common Questions About Our Service

Do you clean up lawns in every season?

We are a year-round service, so we can keep your yard free of dog waste continuously.

How frequently do you come to our property?

We perform pet waste removal for your yard once week on a designated service day.

Can you clean with my dogs being present at the time of the cleaning?

If your dog is friendly, we are able to clean with them present. We cannot clean at all though if your dog is present and poses a safety threat to our staff. If your dog is not good with strangers we will need to know and make sure that when we clean that no dogs are present at the time of the cleaning. Safety first!

How do you make sure you have cleaned up well?

Tyler’s Scooper Service’s staff are the best at what they do. They know how to do the doo clean-up right and are very thorough. Our staff are trained to walk your yard in a grid-like pattern and to look every where they can to make sure your yard gets cleaned up and lives up to the Tyler’s Scooper Service Standard!

What do you do in different weather conditions and unforseen circumstances?

In the winter your dogs don’t stop their call to do what nature calls them to doo and for that reason we are here year-round to keep your yard clean.

We try to visit 100% of the weeks in the year there are circumstances that unfortunately affect our visits, such as thunderstorms, not being able to see the waste to be cleaned up because it is too freshly buried in snow or ice and if we are unable to access your yard for any reason. Under any circumstances we are unable to clean on a particularly service day we will return on the next scheduled service day to clean and we will make sure to spend extra time on the property to make up for the missed service day.

If situations arise that are beyond our control and stops us from servicing your yard, your monthly rate will remain the same.  We do not credit under these circumstances due to having to spend more time on the yard and clean up twice the amount of waste on your next scheduled clean-up.

What if I decide to cancel, how do I do it?

We make canceling a snap if you should choose to discontinue our service for any reason, all you have to do is either call us or send us an email stating you wish to cancel service.

Have a question not covered above?

Send us an email to tylersscooperservice@gmail.com and we’ll be happy to answer your question.