About Us

We do the doo clean-up right! We are the best and we believe in providing a convenient and thorough service to our customers. We love dogs and understand how you don’t always have the time or desire for cleaning up after them. So we’re here year-round to clean up the mess your dog leaves behind to make your life easier and more convenient.

Our trained pooper scooper technicians will clean up your dog’s waste from your lawn in a friendly and professional manner, they’re trained to achieve a high standard of quality service so you don’t need to worry about Fido’s mess!


Your sign up information will be emailed to the email address you list above.
*We are unable to service properties with 4 or more dogs due to the time constraints on our routes.
*We are unable to service larger properties due to the time constraints on our routes.
*In order to start service the property will need to have been scooped within the last 45 days from your initial visit. This is due to the time constraints on our routes.